How To Wear a Snapback & Look Cool With Each Outfit

If you think the reason for wearing a snapback cap is limited to protection from the sun and while playing sports, think again! Snapbacks are more than just practical clothing accessories. They are a fashion statement that rarely goes out of style. Snapbacks have been around since the 1950s and have dominated the pop culture and hip-hop fashion scene since the early 90s. 

From professional baseball players to hip-hop musicians and even the ordinary folks now, wear snapback caps, not for their functionality but their aesthetic appeal. Even though there is a snapback design to suit every outfit, it can be tricky to determine which style complements each kind of attire. 

And that’s what we’re here to address! 

Read on to find out the many ways to wear a snapback and get the desired effect each time.

How To Wear Snapbacks – The Many Styles

The way you don a snapback will depend on the look and style you wish to go for. A lot will also depend on the outfit you’re pairing with it. To give you an idea, here are some popular ways to wear a snapback:

The Classic Forward-Facing 

The simplest way to wear a snapback cap is wearing it facing forwards. This classic style suits most casual outfits and serves the dual purpose of providing effective protection from the sun. You can even add a dash of “cool” by angling the brim towards the sky and resting the cap superficially on your head without pushing it all down.

The Stylish Back-Facing

If the reason for wearing a snapback is limited to making a fashion statement, then wearing it back-facing is a great way to make it. While it provides minimal protection from the sun and wind, it is still a popular way of wearing a snapback that makes you look hip and happening.

Somewhere In Between

If you are bored of wearing a snapback the traditional way, you may find the angled approach more appealing. You simply wear the cap with its brim sitting towards one of the sides, between the forehead and ears. 

Styling With Snapbacks

Even though they are just one accessory, snapbacks can help you look different in each outfit. And the best part – they go with nearly everything. Here’s how you can pair them with different clothes and nail that hip look. 

Cool & Casual

The classic white t-shirt and blue jeans look can be made even more appealing by adding a snapback. Wear it facing front or back, and you will still nail the cool and casual look with finesse! In the winter months, your casual shirt and coat look can also be enhanced by adding a snapback cap.

Urban Hip-Hop

No hip-hop look is complete without a snapback! It goes with everything that is signature hip-hop, especially hoodies, graphic t-shirts, and ripped jeans. You can also try a fashion fad that has recently gained popularity - wearing an oversized hoodie over the snapback. 

Smart Casual

You may not associate snapbacks with “smart” clothing straight away, but once you try it, you’ll never stop wearing it! Snapbacks look great with smart casuals like denim jackets, polo shirts, button-down shirts, bomber jackets, and more. Just complete the look with a pair of smart sneakers, and you’re good to go!

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