What Are Snapback Caps Made Of ? The Best Materials for Headwear

If you are as passionate about snapbacks as we are, you know how effective they are at enhancing any outfit or look. While their magic lies in the flat brim, the adjustable strap at the back, and the super cool designs, it’s also the various materials they can be made from, that make snapbacks an attractive and practical accessory to have. There are several reasons why the fabric of your snapback cap matters. Firstly, the material of the snapback cap will determine when and how best to wear it, i.e. whether it is suitable for summer, windy, or colder conditions. The fabric of your snapback will also determine the level and type of wash and care required to keep it looking fresh and fashionable for the longest time. 

So how do you decide which snapback material is right for you?

Well, there’s no simple answer to this question. But knowing the different types of materials that snapbacks can be made from can help you decide which is right for you. So here are the top five materials:

1) Cotton 

Natural and exquisite, cotton is a natural fibre that is used to make high-quality snapbacks that are breathable and skin-friendly. Cotton snapback caps are also great because it is easy to embroider logos and designs in the highest quality. Moreover, cotton snapbacks offer great moisture absorption and insulation, making them ideal for wearing in all seasons. 

2) Polyester

Although a synthetic fibre, polyester is one of the favourites when it comes to snapbacks. Mostly because polyester snapbacks are highly durable and resistant to water and wear-and-tear. Polyester snapback hats also offer excellent moisture-wicking, making them the go-to headwear in summer and damp weather.

3) Nylon

If you’re looking for a lightweight snapback that is made from a breathable fabric, then nylon snapbacks are what you need. Nylon is made from recycled plastic and is the best choice for caps that can be worn during the hot summer months. Nylon snapbacks are also popular because they retain their shape for the longest time and do not shrink.

4) Linen

Extracted from the flax plant, linen is a natural fibre that makes excellent snapbacks. Linen snapbacks are soft, breathable, and very tender to the skin, making them the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. Due to their good moisture-absorbing quality, they are ideal for wearing in spring and summer.

5) Wool

If you think wool is only used to make beanies, you’re mistaken! Wool snapback caps are a thing, and quite popular as a matter of fact. Due to their tendency to generate warmth, wool snapbacks are commonly used during winter and the cool autumn months.

You will often find that snapback caps are made using a blend of one or more of these materials. This is to make a cap that offers the best features of each of the blended fabrics. If it is 100% cotton snapback caps you’re looking for, Tokyo Time has the best collection to suit the style and preference of all kinds of cap-lovers! Browse our range and enhance your wardrobe with the best snapbacks for each outfit and occasion.