What is a Snapback? All You Need To Know About The Trendiest Cap

What’s stylish, functional, and available in various designs and colours to suit a variety of outfits? A snapback cap is part of almost every wardrobe and often the most-worn piece of clothing. Although a modern street fashion accessory, snapback is one of the oldest trends that has been well-loved since its introduction. Everyone has sported a snapback at some point. There’s just something about this age-old cap style that still makes it the most identifiable street fashion symbol. Before we go deeper into the origins of snapbacks, let’s understand what they are and what sets them apart from other kinds of headwear.

What are Snapback Caps?

A snapback is a type of baseball cap that has a unique tightening feature at the back – an adjustable, snapping strap that can go around any head size. There is no need to try a hundred different styles and sizes because snapback caps have a universal size that can fit everyone. Just choose your favourite design, and you’re good to go! Whether you’re wearing one to protect your head from the sun or donning it to enhance your outfit and cool quotient, you will never go wrong with a snapback.

Origin of Snapbacks

Think back to 1930s America. Baseball became tremendously popular, and a group of entrepreneurs tapped this opportunity to start a baseball hat company called New Era and designed an 8-panel shaped baseball cap with a shorter brim than previous baseball hats worn originally by the Brooklyn Excelsiors. They called it The Gatsby. By the 19050s, nearly all baseball teams, including the Cleveland Indians, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Detroit Tigers, started wearing these New Era caps.

Then in 1954, New Era modified the 8-panel cap into a 6-panel cap, and the modern snapback was born! 

It wasn’t until the late 1970s that baseball culture started spreading beyond the field, and people started wearing snapbacks in everyday life. By the 1980s and 1990s, snapbacks became a fashion symbol, representing the rising pop and Hip Hop culture. From Run-D.M.C, Tupac, and Ice Cube to Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, many of the biggest stars of the time started sporting snapbacks and made them popular among the youth.

Top Features of Snapback Caps

      1. The Front Panels

Modern snapbacks have 6-front panels which give them a structured design and just enough stiffness to allow clear and detailed embroidering of logos and names. 

      2. The Brim

Snapbacks are designed with a wide, flat brim that enables good visibility of the front panels which carry the brand name or logo.

      3. The Strap

The best feature of snapbacks is the closing, adjustable strap that gives it the one-size-fits-all flexibility. The strap is generally made of plastic and can be snapped into appropriate holes according to the wearer's size.

Snapbacks are popular among men and women, children, and older adults. And they are available in designs that are suitable for all. At Tokyo Time, we love designing and making Japanese inspired snapback caps in a wide range of styles, colours, and designs. Check out our exclusive premium street fashion designs and enhance your wardrobe with the best snapbacks in the market!